Tuesday, 9 March 2010

It begins...

Well folks, I think its about time to start a small blog to keep everyone posted on new Illustration work and any other projects I'm involved in. With any luck I'll try and get some new work up on a fairly regular basis, so enjoy and watch this space.

Go Red

It was a real thrill to be asked recently to make a contribution towards the Go-Red project in aid of Richard House, which is London's first Hospice for children.

The idea is that each contributor using red as the main colour, will create either a head, body or feet/tail section which will be combined to create a multitude of weird and wonderful images. Complete artworks will go on auction later this month at the Conningsby Gallery in London. After careful thought, I decided a kilt would be just the thing!

Contributors include Adrian Johnson, Ian Whadcock and fellow Gumbo member Harriet Russell to name but a few. I'll post some photos from the main event later on this month. Looking forward to seeing how the artworks are combined.

You can see more contributions at the GO-Red Blog